Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BQ on the Bubble?

On Dec. 27 I askd my readers for ideas for BQ.  I have received Zero responses.  What does that mean?

For this Friday I propose we select a topic that evening.  Topics that occur to me:

1.  Lance Armstrong
2.  The Seahawks terrible loss
3.  The pending Zombie Invasion
4.  Review of The Hobbit, 1 of 3
5.  Chip Kelly leaving Oregon for Philly

If you have other ideas I suggest you submit them.


  1. These are't philosophical questions of long lasting importance thru the ages!

  2. Just read article on sea level rise and global weather change in Scientific American (2012/2013). Changes are occuring much faster than recently (2008) projected. Sea level rise may be as much as 15 feet versus previous high or 3 feet.
    View to see impact of different sea level changes to Marysville/Snohomish area.
    What is our responsibility re raising awareness?
    What is our responsibility re zoning, planning, etc.?

  3. I'm not part of the group, but the Lance Armstrong topic is interesting to me in that I have been attending quite a few cancer survivor groups/programs this last year that have been funded by what was the Lance Armstrong Foundation, now the LiveStrong Foundation. We've had some pretty interesting conversations re: how is he any different from other athletes that cheated (Patriots' coach, baseball players, etc., or even pro players that have been accused of murder and dog fights and 'fun' drug use) except he set up a foundation that actually gives money to people who need it to pay for treatment, rent, utilities, travel, whatever they need to get through their cancer treatment. What are your thoughts? I like getting different perspectives.