Friday, November 11, 2016

My Only Post-Election Blog

So, what's new since I last posted anything?  Has the world changed in any important way?

My lifelong buddy, Phytophacter ( is the master of the 1-2 paragraph blog.  He distills his thoughts into succinct thoughts that can be conveyed in straightforward statements that take 12-15 sentences, often with a photo or other helpful visual aid.  He publishes 500-600 per year, and has done so for the past several years.  It is a really impressive compendium of thought, actually.

Me, I'm a little too verbose for such linear thoughts.  When I want to sit a write something, I plan an hour, and often it takes several.  I don't think of myself as anything special when it comes to Deep Thought or any such nonsense, but I do tend to want to have a conversation with my reader, pulling in ideas from related areas to illucidate some point or other, and to more fully explore whatever topic is on my mind.

I have been fascinated by our just-ended election cycle.  The stark contrast (in my mind) between the major party candidates has been like watching a train wreck in slow motion.  Never have there been 2 more disliked candidates, and that includes my own assessment. I detest the American fascination with what I call Political Royalty, typified but the Adams, Kennedys, Rosevelts, Bushes, and now the Clintons.  Name recognition notwithstanding, a candidate needs to have their own message, some sort of separate motivation other than just to perpetuate their personal public persona, and a reason for being.  A person who is recognized on TV becasue of years of exposure is miles ahead of some unknown but intelligent politico with a plan, a working ideology, and a desire to truly help America move forward.  What we end up with is 2 demagogues with terrible pasts, pounding on each other and creating mayhem.  Does any of this sound familiar?

Watching The D negotiate the aftermath of his successful bid for the Presidency is telling.  He has lost all personal freedom as he ascends into the role he has so ardently prusued.  He will be stripped of his assets (he can't own and manage his businesses if he is POTUS), be forced to live in sub-standard housing (by his standards), will be awakened at all hours of the night as world events occur, be forced to meet with people he doesn't like, and be held accountable for the success of every proposal and program he puts forward for the next 4 years, most of which will fail.  The Cabinet he is assembling is ridiculous. The people he surrounds himself with are inept, self-centered, and sycophants.  They cannot succeed. Not that I wish them ill, they are just incompetent.  Like their leader.

I am not sorry that H failed.  I voted for her becasue I hated The D more, but I did not favor her as President.  I would have accepted her as POTUS, but would have watched her closely.  I didn't want Bill back in the White House, which was obviously part of the deal.  How was that supposed to work?  I didn't get it.  

We have a government based on checks and balances.  Certainly there are initiatives that POTUS can push ahead by force of office, but critical issues require the agreement of Congress, and now I call upon them to be the force of reason in the world!  Hopefully all the insane claims and promises for change that The D made during his his campaign will be tempered the Clear Light of Day.  

I suppose I might analyze the electorate at some point.  Currently I am so pissed off at the Pro-D contingent that I can't possibly be objective.  The acceptance of the hatred and ignorance of The D's platform are so antithetical to my personal beliefs that a supporter of The D and me might not be able to find the common ground we would need to be able to communicate.  The Left Coast rose up and voted their Liberal consciousness as they always do.  The Blue Bubble that exists over the Puget Sound was fully in evidence.  And Oregon.  And California.  And western Nevada.  I see that a new map of Canada includes these four western states as new provinces of Canada.  Why not?

The anxiety that America feels about the Path Forward is real, and now we get to see how it unfolds.  The Great America envisioned by The D needs to make itself manifest.  Jobs, prosperity, harmony, and personal freedom without fear need to become reality.

And inner cities populated with entirely by blacks without poverty and crime.  That will be Yuge!