Saturday, October 12, 2013

Freedom and the Social Contract

Cultural relativism has always been a difficult topic for BQ, and I think we will let it wait for another time and place.  If you want to pursue this as a topic, I suggest you do a little reading about it, and ask me for the article I mentioned in my last blog.  Then, if you can express yourself in a short note, you can leave a message on this forum for all to see and share.

One of my favorites has to do with Rousseau's idea of the Social Contract.  He posited in his essay on Man in his Natural Environment, that as a people in nature we are completely free, and we give up elements of that freedom by joining into a society.  To what extent do we think that is true, and is it true today? 

Come prepared to talk about what we have given up as freedoms we might have enjoyed in nature.  What are they?  Is an isolated individual living in some idealized natural life free in the sense we think we have freedom today?  If not, why not?