Saturday, November 13, 2010

America's 4 Gods - Dec 10

The November meeting was quite enjoyable. The topic wasn't really clear to me, but was generally, what is our essential self and where does it come from? We talked about Nature vs Nuture, does our personality change over our lifetimes, how does our personality persist inside our ever changing bodies, and similar topics. With 14 adults attending, and 2 of them 1st timers, it was a good sized group.

We talked briefly about ZAMM, and how reading it is going among the attendees. Several were about half though it. It was mentioned that Upper Case Books has copies in Snohomish. I don't plan on picking up topics until January, so if you are planning to read it over the holidays, you still have plenty of time. I am reading a Kindle version this time.

I mentioned a recent review in the Times concerning America's 4 Gods. The review was fairly short, but the polls used by the authors seem to point pout a pattern of belief that resolves itself into four basic profiles for the concept of God. There are interesting descriptions and examples of how people conceive and interact with their personal God. As we have been dealing with this several times in the recent past I thought this might make for a good topic. I will try and post some facts and topics in this space prior to the meeint on Dec 10.

Please note the date. December is a tough month for meetings as there are lots of things happening. We will go early.

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