Friday, May 7, 2010

Is/Ought - and the Next BQ

     The only possible dates in May for a BQ Meeting would be 5/14 and 5/28. Both are open for me at the moment, so here goes. Let's meet next Friday, 5/14. Is that a date?
     As for a topic, I'm not so sure. I've been studying the Philosophy of Science lately, and although I like the subject quite a lot, the recent lectures have fallen into that area of thought we call logic, and it can be deadly dull. While the subject interests me greatly, the idea of trying to make a BQ session out of the logic of language, talking about subject-predicate intentionality, gives me more than pause.
     The other general philosophical question is one that goes like this: science is an activity whose purpose is to figure out what things are, fundamentally. It is an activity that seeks to find out what the world is. Religion is an activity that seeks to show us how things ought to be. What ought we do in a certain situation? What ought a thing be made up of, if this is a perfect world? This sets up an Is/Ought Dichotomy that troubles philosophers, but again, I don't think it has enough practical "handles" on it to make an interesting discussion for our next meeting.
     I'll tell you what. I'll keep thinking about this, and let you know in time for the meeting next Friday night. How about that?
     Dr. Chips

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